Getting Warmed Up

"Remind Me" 24x36  Acrylic Mixed media Inquire
“Remind Me” 24×36
Acrylic Mixed media   Private Collection NYC




After quite a hiatus from the studio as I settled into the most amazing endeavor of all …being a mommy… I am back in the studio working out the kinks,  getting warmed up and having a blast.

"An Open Heart" 16x20 acrylic mixed media  Etsy Shop
“An Open Heart” 16×20 acrylic mixed media
Private Collection WI

An Open Heart Etsy Shop


Some More Friends!

Oil & Mixed media 12x16x1.5 (private collection MA)

Les Fleurs

Acrylic 20×30 (private Collection MA)

 She Turned

Oil 11×14 (Private Collection OR)


Acrylic Mixed Media 20×24 (Private collection Australia)

She Believes

Acrylic Mixed media 12x16x1.5

In Bloom

Acrylic Mixed media 20x20x1.5 (Private Collection Australia)

As One

Acrylic 18×24 (Private Collection MA)


Feeling the energy in 2012!