HAPPY 2015 !

 2015 is off to a great start here. Six pieces have already found new homes!! From California to Florida to Pennsylvania and all the way to Belgium!! Truly Blessed and Thankful 🙂 Below are the lucky pieces of 2015 and a few from the end of 2014. Happy New year everyone!


So It Goes Acrylic 18x24x1.5
So It Goes
Acrylic 18x24x1.5


Through the Rain Acrylic 24×30
Departure Acrylic 22×28
Spring’s Child Acrylic 14 x 18 x 1.5
To Know Love Acrylic 20 x 20
Lead the Way Acrylic 24 x 24




3 thoughts on “HAPPY 2015 !

  1. I absolutely love your Art. Your pieces are all great. It’s hard deciding when I look at your art pieces, which I love the most. Which is different for me in a way. Mostly I can decide which or the one I love with Artist. However there our some Artist that truly make it hard to decide, because I feel those pieces have so much inspiration in them. Like I don’t know, may sound weird but it’s like it moves you in some way. Well I guess it’s the feeling you get when looking at them. Can’t think of the word that I should use. I know it’s inspirational. So I’ll go with that now. Also I’ll look at your studio online, to see if you have any left that aren’t sold. You are truly an amazing Artist. Thank you for sharing your art. I truly love you art and I’m definitely a big fan of yours.

    Selena Holmes

  2. Absolutely Beautiful ! I love your work. It is so expressive without being overdone. I wish I could paint like that. Do you have any DVD’s or courses?
    Thank you for your inspiration, Cyndy

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