New Gallery Representation

Thrilled to announce new gallery representation at The Rumjahn Gallery in Evansville, Indiana. They have a selection of my Chiyogami Series, Encaustics and Figuratives. If you are in the area please give them and their beautiful gallery a visit. For those in the Chicago area, Atkinson Collection Gallery continues to represent my Encaustic works….

 …with all this good news, the work in the studio is growing leaps and bounds. Not sure what the exact catalyst was but the work is evolving in ways I never imagined. Guess I’m growing up a bit 😉

Spring Please

Take Me Home Encaustic 12x16
Take Me Home
Encaustic 12×16
Take me Home detail
Take me Home Detail

Take Me Home 2 Encaustic 12x16
Take Me Home 2
Encaustic 12×16


Channeling Spring here in the studio with a little beeswax and the smell of honey.