Lovin’ the Bees Wax

Encaustic & Oil on Cradled Board 9 x 12

Just can’t get enough of the whole melting wax and oil paint together. To feed the addiction I bought a new fancy ¬†encaustic griddle which makes everything a million times easier… like my dad always said “any job is easier if you have the right tools”… such wisdom!

Waxing Away

Encaustic/Oil on Wood 12x16 (private collection UT)
Encaustic Oil on wood 18x18 Private Collection TX
Encaustic oil on wood 16x16
encaustic oil on wood 12x24 Private Collection NYC

Some recent encaustic work… blew out 2 heat guns but have an industrial strength one on the way. ¬†Can’t wait to se what I can do with that!!!