Little Wax Updates

Encaustic 12 x 12
With Butterflies
Encaustic 12 x 12
Your Smile
Encaustic 12x12x1.5
Rochester Museum Fine Arts
Special DaysEncaustic 11x14
Special Days
Encaustic 11×14  Private Collection CA



Just some smaller works in wax which have been waiting to be shared…


Waxin Some More

Encaustic & Oil 12x12 Art Board


Encaustic & Oil 18x18 (Private Collection Canada)


Encaustic & Oil 16x16 on wood (PA)


Encaustic & Oil 16x20 (Private Collection WA)

Encaustic Oil & Pigment 24 x 36 on wood

A few more fun pieces that have come out of the studio.  Thankful that some have already found homes!

Lovin’ the Bees Wax

Encaustic & Oil on Cradled Board 9 x 12

Just can’t get enough of the whole melting wax and oil paint together. To feed the addiction I bought a new fancy  encaustic griddle which makes everything a million times easier… like my dad always said “any job is easier if you have the right tools”… such wisdom!