New Series “Quiet Places”

Steadily living my dreams in the studio these days. A quiet series of landscapes seen through the ethereal lenses we call The Veil… dreamy, atmospheric, and open to anything. Made possible by the magic of bees wax.

Busy Busy Bee

How busy I have been!!! Working large, exploring and just discovering! Stepping out of my comfort zone and putting the work out there into juried competitions, festivals, and gallery submissions. So far the results have been a mixed bag of being completely ignored and winning some awards. I’m ready to take the many losses needed for the few hard won wins!


Dreaming Blue - Encaustic On Cradled Wood 16x16x2
Dreaming Blue – Encaustic On Cradled Wood 16x16x2
Pluie 12x16 Encaustic on cradled panel
Pluie 12×16 Encaustic on cradled panel

Playing around with all the different things that can be done with the wax. Scraping, layering,scraping, glazing, and did I say Scraping? Letting it develop in it’s own way in it’s own time.  Next step…Going BIG 🙂

A Little Party …

How To Say
Acrylic on Canvas 22x28 (Canada)
Waiting To Dance
Acrylic 12x12 Private collection NC
How To Love
Acrylic Rice Paper (Florida)
Fortune’s Girl
Acrylic & Rice paper 12x16x1.5 (FL)
Acrylic & Rice paper 12x16x1.5 (Australia)
After the Rain
Acrylic on Canvas 12x16x1.5 (VA)
Acrylic & Rice paper 16x 20
My Blue TuTu
Acrylic on Canvas 18x24x1.5 (Canada)

…with some friends in the studio. So many have found new homes this year and I am truly grateful …