Some New Figuratives

Acrylic Mixed media 20x24
The Light
Acrylic Mixed media
This Moment
Acrylic Mixed media
So Many Dreams Acrylic Mixed Media 20x24
So Many Dreams
Acrylic Mixed Media
20×24 Private Collection Austin, TX


By Your Side
Acrylic Mixed media

So great to be back with brush in hand!

Getting Warmed Up

"Remind Me" 24x36  Acrylic Mixed media Inquire
“Remind Me” 24×36
Acrylic Mixed media   Private Collection NYC




After quite a hiatus from the studio as I settled into the most amazing endeavor of all …being a mommy… I am back in the studio working out the kinks,  getting warmed up and having a blast.

"An Open Heart" 16x20 acrylic mixed media  Etsy Shop
“An Open Heart” 16×20 acrylic mixed media
Private Collection WI

An Open Heart Etsy Shop

Wax Wonderland 2012

Encaustic & Oil 18×18 (Private Collection VA)


Encaustic Oil Pigment 16×20


Some new wax work for 2012.  Love creating these imaginary garden wonderlands.The last 2 pieces show a new technique which  involves lighting the whole piece on fire to create a fun web like effect. Always learning!

Some More Friends!

Oil & Mixed media 12x16x1.5 (private collection MA)

Les Fleurs

Acrylic 20×30 (private Collection MA)

 She Turned

Oil 11×14 (Private Collection OR)


Acrylic Mixed Media 20×24 (Private collection Australia)

She Believes

Acrylic Mixed media 12x16x1.5

In Bloom

Acrylic Mixed media 20x20x1.5 (Private Collection Australia)

As One

Acrylic 18×24 (Private Collection MA)


Feeling the energy in 2012!